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Engineer’s Office for Interior Design


Ing. Srebrenko Dragucanovic

Managing Director

Ing. Srebrenko Dragucanovic | SD Engineering

As a trained carpenter with multiple years of experience in architecture and the furnishing – two sectors that transition seamlessly – it is important to me to pay close attention even to those details that are easily overlooked or deemed unimportant.

Please find a list of my prior professional engagements below.

A Short Portfolio:

After my final apprenticeship examination to become a journeyman carpenter and achieving a degree in wood technology and interior design from HTL Mödling, as well as passing the qualification examination for the engineer's office for interior design required by § 134 GewO for Engineer's Offices (consultant engineers), I was able to gain professional experience in the following fields:

  • Planning anything from preliminary designs to construction schedules and more detailed plans for single-family homes, hospitals, rehab centers, banks, and larger shopping malls with a capacity of up to 380 000 m².
  • Creation of fire protection concepts, creation, and clearance of door schedules, and door-function-plans.
  • User-coordination as general contractor and coordination with medical technology and hygiene departments, electrical engineering & housing technology, as well as the local construction supervision authority.
  • Development of wall elevations, outdoor facilities, therapy-gardens etc.
  • Coordination of the executing crafts on site, recording the proceedings, building-site coordination, ordering materials, disposition and optimization of human resources, material, supply, and machine deployments.
  • Supervising and optimizing of on-site procedures and workflows, making decisions on the profitability of new goods as well as repairs of goods and properties.
  • Recording cases of damage and coordination of defect remedy and removal, technical descriptions of current conditions of properties.
  • Evaluation and cost approval of quotes.
  • Supervision of building renovation and acceptance of restoration works.
  • Drafting of furnishing concepts, area-development-plans as well as technical and commercial project management and tender preparation with regards to order transfer, technical feasibility, and adherence to schedule.
  • Because of my experience construction site supervision, I would like to take on new projects as construction manager as well as handling these with the local authorities. Hereby, I would like to assume responsibility for the acceptance of projects. I am in the advantageous position to do so, because I have experienced both the planning and development phases of building projects, as well as being in charge of constructions on site.


The total sum of my realized projects is worth more than 600 Million €.

Ing. Srebrenko Dragucanovic | SD Engineering
Ing. Srebrenko Dragucanovic | SD Engineering
Ing. Srebrenko Dragucanovic | SD Engineering
Ing. Srebrenko Dragucanovic | SD Engineering